Help the GIFT Foundation

The GIFT Foundation is an NPO that uses tech training to empower women from rural backgrounds. Throughout the pandemic, w have been helping entrepreneurs who are at the heart of local economic ecosystems to leverage technology to rise above the economic challenges and scale their operations. Our entrepreneurs have requested the following:

  • Financial support to fix or replace damaged or stolen equipment (and stock)
  • Strategic marketing support
  • Urgent market linkages opportunities
  • Fundraising mentorship
  • Donations of equipment

Our entrepreneurs are very traumatised, so even though nobody has mentioned it, we believe they would benefit from counselling services that can be offered pro-bono. This can also help them to overcome the mental blocks and start imagining what the future can look like. Some of the equipment requested is industrial, but other entrepreneurs have identified specific equipment (and stock) that could be donated:

You can donate directly to the GIFT Foundation, or fill in the form below to let us know if you can help with any of the GIFT Foundation needs and we’ll connect you: